Our Focus

Our main focus is to create functional web pages. Our web pages are designed to be compliant to W3C recomandations, and our procedures used to create the web site will provide positve rankings with Google and other search engines.

Caboose web design can produce a new website for you that is optimised for search engines, and is W3C compliant. Or we can review your existing site and make the required changes for SEO and W3C compliance.


We consult with you to to create a functional page of your needs. We use html, css, javascript, php and mysql to provide solutions for you.

Part of the consultation process is to find how you want your web site found, we construct your site with that information in mind.


If you are looking for a blog, and want to have control that can not be achived buy using Blogger or similar. Then we can install a Wordpress blog and set up to your liking.

We can provide a complete service for setting up your Blog, which would include. Domain Registration, hosting, Wordpress installation and Wordpress customisation. A complete service to where we give you a log in page with your log in details, so you can then concetrate on compiling the content for the site.


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